Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 2023

9. School : Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Kwai Chung) Teacher : Dr. Kit Wing Yu Team Member : Cho Wai Wong Topic : On Solutions of the Exponential Diophantine Equation px − qy = z2 10. School : P.L.K. Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial College Teacher : Mr. Yuet Hui Team Members : Wan Lau, Haopei Lin Topic : Generalization of Stern’s Diatomic Sequence 11. School : Pui Ching Middle School Teacher : Mr. Yan Lam Fan Team Members : Wang Chit Kwong, Ngai Wang Lam, Ho Tung Wong Topic : Mean Shadow of Rotating Objects 12. School : S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School Teacher : Mr. Tin Yau Cheung Team Members : Chun Hei Mok, Hei Wong Topic : Least Optimal Square Packing in a Square 13. School : St. Paul’s Co-educational College Teacher : Mr. Pak Leong Cheung Team Members : Kwan Yu Chan, Hok Lai Ng Topic : Generalising Orthocentres of Triangles to Simplices as the Isogonal Conjugates of the Circumcentres 14. School : St. Paul’s College Teacher : Mr. Tin Wai Lau Team Members : Ryan Chun Wing Ku, Lok Yung Topic : Covering 45 Points Configuration with Disjoint Unit Disks 15. School : Wah Yan College, Kowloon Teacher : Mr. Wai Man Chu Team Members : Hui Yat Cheung, Tsz Yan So, Yi Lam Tam Topic : On the Littlewood Problem and Sum of Two Squares in the Ring Zq