Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 2023

Fireside Chat: Unleashing Possibilities in Neuroscience and Neural Engineering with Mathematics Adriel Chan is the Vice Chair of Hang Lung Group and Hang Lung Properties. He joined in 2010, was appointed to the board in 2016, and appointed Vice Chair in 2020. Mr. Chan also chairs the sustainability committee. Mr. Chan is a Vice President and Executive Committee member of the Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong and is Chairman of the Committee of Overseers of Morningside College at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He sits on the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School Advisory Council and is a Court Member of the University of Hong Kong. Additionally, Mr. Chan is a Council Member of the Academy of Chinese Studies. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Chan worked in finance, audit, and risk management. He holds an EMBA jointly awarded by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and HKUST, and a BA in international relations from the University of Southern California. Ewina Pun is currently a doctoral candidate at Brown University. Her current area of research lies in the emerging field of neural engineering. Specifically, she focuses on developing stable closed-loop braincomputer interfaces for applications in clinical neuroscience. Brain-computer interface is a promising technology that provides intuitive control for people with tetraplegia, restoring movement and communication by bypassing the damaged motor pathway. Prior to Brown, she obtained a dual degree at the University of Southern California, majoring in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. She is a 2012 HLMA winner. Mr. Adriel Chan (Moderator) Vice Chair Hang Lung Properties Dr. Owen H. Ko Assistant Dean (Research) Faculty of Medicine The Chinese University of Hong Kong Owen Ko is a clinician-scientist at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He holds medical degrees from CUHK, and a PhD in neuroscience from University College London. At UCL, he revealed several fundamental rules governing how neurons with different functional roles in the brain are connected. He now leads a CUHK team specializing in therapeutics development for neurodegeneration based on counteracting brain aging. His team has been recognized by several awards, including a Croucher Innovation Award from the Croucher Foundation, and an Asian Young Scientist Fellowship from the Future Science Awards Foundation. He attributes a significant part of his career achievements thus far to what he learnt from his early interactions with friends who are exceptionally talented in mathematics. Dr. Ko is a 2004 HLMA winner. The latest developments in neuroscience and neural engineering hold a lot of promise. However, integrating these fields can be difficult because they are very complex subjects with different languages, methodologies, and objectives. Luckily, there is a tool that can help overcome these challenges – mathematics. In this fireside chat, two HLMA earlier winners, Dr. Owen H. Ko and Ms. Ewina Pun, will join Mr. Adriel Chan, Vice Chair of Hang Lung Properties, on stage to discuss some of the challenges of collaborating across disciplines, and explore the remarkable potential of mathematics in advancing our understanding of the brain and unlocking groundbreaking innovations in neuroscience and neural engineering. Join us for insightful exchanges of ideas that shape the future of these fields. Ms. Ewina Pun Doctoral candidate Brown University