Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 2023

Breaking New Ground HLMA Piques International Interest 20 10 20 08 Heroes among Us Admission Deans from Brown University, Harvard University, and Stanford University travelled to Hong Kong and engaged with HLMA participants at a tea gathering. They also presented awards to our winners. Our HLMA Steering Committee boasts lifelong educators like Mr. Siu Leung Ma and Dr. Chee Tim Yip, who have served HLMA for 2 decades and are admirable champions for youth development. HLMA’s success cannot be achieved without the tireless dedication of mathematics teachers, guiding students on their first research endeavors. They are the heroes behind countless success stories. Ms. Ching Wong of PLK Centenary Li Shiu Chung Memorial College made history as the first female HLMA Gold Award recipient. Since 2004, 50 female students have made it to the rarefied Oral Defense stage, of which 22 won awards. Go girls! Younger mathematics teachers continue to blaze the trail, like Mr. Long Tin Chan of Diocesan Boys' School who led 6 teams into 2 Oral Defenses, and Mr. Ho Fung Lee of Pui Ching Middle School who led 9 teams into 4 Oral Defenses. Dr. Gerald Chan, Non-Executive Director of Hang Lung Properties and co-founder of Morningside, gave a thoughtful speech to our students and guests at the awards dinner. Ms. Mee Lin Luk of La Salle College and Mr. Chi Keung Lai of Shatin Pui Yng College are HLMA veteran teachers, each having led students into 5 Oral Defenses over a decade. “It is not the knowledge of the teachers that lead to [their students’] success, but the attitude of always standing behind their students.” – Prof. Thomas Au