Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 2023

Behind the Scenes Decade of Excellence 20 12 20 14 The HLMA awards venue is a destination itself – the Asia Society Hong Kong Center is an acclaimed heritage site steeped in historical and architectural significance. Since its opening in 2012, Asia Society has played host to many HLMA ceremonies. All HLMA papers are reviewed in a rigorous multi-step process. Teams that meet the highest academic standards are invited to present their work before the Scientific Committee. It is an intense whole-day marathon, with serious questions and animated discussions. A very exclusive experience for our finalists. Dare to Dream Ms. Ewina Pun of St. Mary’s College is our first female solo HLMA winner. After graduating from the University of Southern California in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, she is now a PhD candidate at Brown University, focusing on brain-machine interface. Passing the Torch HLMA turns 10! Mrs. Carrie Lam attended 4 HLMAs as Guest of Honor, first as Chief Secretary for Administration and later as Chief Executive of the HKSAR. Her longstanding support to HLMA is exemplary. HLMA welcomes a very special guest – Prof. Chen-Ning Yang, 1957 Nobel Laureate in Physics. We are very proud to showcase the young talents of Hong Kong and demonstrate how far their dreams can take them. Mr. Alan Fong of Buddhist Sin Tak College and Mr. Yan Lam Fan of Pui Ching Middle School respectively took gold and silver at the 2014 HLMA. Today, they are young mathematics teachers, igniting students’ interest to sample the joys of mathematics research.