UROP Proceedings 2022-23

UROP Sponsorship Recipients 2022–23 The UROP sponsorship scheme is intended to provide UROP students with nancial support to publish their papers in international journals, to present their posters or papers at academic conferences, or to participate in research-related summer schools or workshops during their undergraduate studies. Students who have been awarded the UROP sponsorships in the 2022–23 academic year are listed as follows: Student: SHIN, June Yeol Major: BIOT UROP Supervisor: CHAU, Ying / CBE Conference: 17th RSC Biomaterials Chemistry Group Annual Meeting (Shef eld) Venue: Shef eld, UK Duration: Jan 9 – 11, 2023 Summary of Research Activities: In early 2023, I was given an opportunity to present the work conducted with Prof. Ying Chau during my UROP project at the RSC Biomaterials Chemistry Group Annual Meeting. The process spanning from submitting our work, to preparing a poster to summarize our ndings and to explain it to fellow scholars and students was an invaluable learning experience. Preparing to explain our work in a concise yet informative way and to elaborate on any questions from the audience helped me to understand the importance of our work even more. The experience of attending an academic conference for the rst time was also interesting. The social atmosphere to freely discuss science was particularly inspiring. Spending three days with experts in scienti c research and listening to their ideas sparked my curiosity to further pursue research. UROP Research Travel Sponsorship (by alphabetical order of student’s surname) vii