UROP Proceedings 2022-23

ix Student: LIAO, Yi-tsen Major: ECOF UROP Supervisor: HAGMANN, David / MGMT Activity: Center of Behavioural Experiments Summer School on Behavioural Sciences 2023 Venue: University of New York in Prague, Czech Republic Duration: July 24 – Aug 4, 2023 Summary of Research Activities: The summer school was divided into 3 blocks, each focusing on different angles and techniques that were required in experimental economics research. The rst block covered fundamental R programming skills that were often used in data analysis. It started from how to organize your data set to data visualization using ggplot2. Finally, we conducted our analyses on a data set of interest, practising all the techniques that we learned in this session. The second block surrounded the topic of using behavioural economics in public policy. It rst introduced a brief history of our understanding of human decision-making from an evolutionary biological perspective. Then the lecturer walked us through a few well-studied topics in behavioural economics research, including decision-making under risk and uncertainty, mental accounting and social preference. The last block walked us through the process of conducting experiments. It rst gave us a broad framework of some methods that were frequently used in experimental economics. Then, the lecturer introduced some tools that researchers often used, including zTree, oTree and Qualtrics, and what are the pros and cons of each tool under different circumstances. We were also told about the popularization of preregistration in academia, which guards academic integrity and strengthens the credibility of research. Yi-tsen (middle) UROP Summer School Sponsorship (by alphabetical order of student’s surname)