UROP Proceedings 2022-23

x Student: MOK, Wan Hin Major: MATH-IRE UROP Supervisor: FUNG, Jimmy Chi Hung / MATH Activity: Non-graduating Programme (Research) Venue: National University of Singapore, Singapore Duration: June 12 – August 22, 2023 Summary of Research Activities: I mainly analyzed two sets of climatological datasets to study the urban heat island effect. The rst one was long term measurements (10 years) from the 22 meteorological stations of the National Environment Agencies scattered across Singapore, and I used them to analyze the urban heat island in the city scale. The second one was short-term measurements (1 year) from the weather stations placed by the research team (Urban Climate Design Lab) in strategic locations in the downtown area, and I used them for studying the effect of greenery, building densities, shading and the building designs on the temperatures and the ventilation within the same neighborhood. For the urban-scale analysis, the major differences in temperatures of the stations of different types were identi ed and analyzed in great detail to account for the diurnal variations and the seasonal variations of the urban heat island effects. Relevant suggestions were also made for Singapore to mitigate the heat islands, whose negative effects on humans were explored thoroughly in the extensive literature review of the project. For the neighborhood-scale analysis, the in uence of building designs on the thermal comfort of the pedestrians (which was based on temperature and the wind speed) was analyzed. In addition, a machine learning model that predicted the urban-rural temperature difference based on the different weather conditions and the station environment (in terms of NDVI, sky view factor and the percentage of ocean nearby) was also trained, with the performance being veri ed outside of the training period. The performance at different weather stations and under different weather conditions were analyzed.