UROP Proceedings 2022-23

School of Engineering Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering 135 Federated Learning with Medical Images Supervisor: LI, Xiaomeng / ECE Student: MA, Wanqin / ELEC Course: UROP4100, Spring In this spring, we are assigned to the undergraduate research program, supervised by professor LI.Xiaomeng. Hyunji Lee focuses on Online Easy Example Mining for Weakly-supervised Semantic Segmentation from Images Suffering From Class Confusion, which showed in Part 2. MA Wanqin focuses on developing a semisupervised method, targeting the class-imbalance problem. Also run 8 baselines for semi-supervised classification method. Details can be seen in Part 3. Federated Learning with Medical Images Supervisor: LI, Xiaomeng / ECE Student: YUAN, Ye / ELEC Course: UROP1000, Summer I focused on learning and code re-implement during this project. Getting an overview of Federated Learning and the implement in medical image processing area. Including the workflow and thought of some Federated Learning algorithms such as FedAVG, FedSeg, FedLC, APPLE and pFedHN. FedAVG implemented loss function with SGD for local sites and aggregate by weight, focusing on Non-IID and Unbalanced problems. FedSeg proposed a strong baseline with simple modified CE loss and local-to-global metrics learning method to alleviate the class distribution drift problem. FedLC investigated the in-consistencies of feature level and prediction level among sites through PCS and HC. APPLE updated core model and weight locally using DR by learning how much the client can benefit from other clients’ models. pFedHN took unique embedding vector and delivered to HyperNetworks as input to generate different personalized weighted model, achieving huge flexibility and diversity by mapping with embedding vector. The report will mainly forcus on conclusion and code-implement of former there algorithms. Design of Radio-frequency Integrated Circuits Supervisor: LUONG, Howard Cam / ECE Student: LI, Cunxu / ELEC Course: UROP1100, Fall In the DESIGN OF RADIO-FREQUENCY INTEGRATED CIRCUITS project, as I learnt one step further in the ELEC course compared with last semester, I chose to work on the amplifier part. My main mask for this part is to design an amplifier which meets some specifications. The following is the requirement of the amplifier and my design showing my design steps and comparison between the designed and simulated parameters.