UROP Proceedings 2022-23

School of Engineering Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering 145 Coastal Underwater Evidence Search System with Surface-Underwater Collaboration Supervisor: SHI, Ling / ECE Student: BAO, Fangming / ELEC LEUNG, Ka Chun / COGBM Course: UROP1000, Summer UROP3200, Summer The development of efficient robotic systems for locating underwater evidence in shallow coastal areas has long concerned law enforcement. The "Coastal Underwater Evidence Search System with Air-Sea Collaboration" project integrates advanced underwater robots with unmanned surface vehicles to create a search system. The robotic design includes biomimetic underwater robots connected to a boat via tether for control and data transmission. The robots have sensors including cameras, pressure sensors, and adaptive movement mechanisms, allowing them to navigate complex terrain and minimize sediment disturbance. The project aims to meet the standards of law enforcement agencies, with a focus on the Hong Kong Police Force. Figure 1: Conceptual design of the search system Neural Coding for Motor Brain Machine Interfaces Supervisor: WANG, Yiwen / ECE Student: WANG, Ziyi / DSCT Course: UROP2100, Fall UROP3100, Summer The project aims to build up a closed-loop system where subjects can control a robotic arm purely using their brain signals. In the previous UROP courses, we have successfully recorded spike signals from rats’ motor cortex and train a point process based decoder to translate the brain signals into the right fore-pawn trajectory. In UROP 3100, we construct the communication between brain control system and robotic arm, and test the robotic arm control with the recorded neural signals and decoded trajectory. The results show that the information can flow in this closed-loop system.