UROP Proceedings 2022-23

School of Science Department of Chemistry 5 Reactivity and Bonding Studies of Transition-metal Complexes Supervisor: LIN, Zhenyang / CHEM Student: LAU, Pak Fung / CHEM-IRE Course: UROP1100, Summer Last semester, we put emphasis on the reactions of the two Fe-Al complexes (Figure 1), one undergoes intramolecular C-H activation (Figure 1a) while the other activates the C-H bond in the ortho-position of pyridine (Figure 1b). In this report, we expanded our research by exploring the reactivity and selectivity of the Fe-Al complex used in Figure 1b towards various substituted pyridine as shown in Figure 2. We are also working to explore the reaction pathways involving the complex shown in Figure 3. Figure 1a. The intramolecular C-H activation. Figure 1b. The intermolecular activation of C-H bond of pyridine. Figure 2. Reactivity towards 2-methyl pyridine and 2-ethyl pyridine. Figure 3. The reaction between Al complex and 4-methyl pyridine. It leads to the activation of the sp3-C-H bond in the para-position.