UROP Proceedings 2022-23

School of Business and Management Department of Economics 168 Firms in Globalization: Evidence from China Supervisor: LI, Yao / ECON Student: XU, Runzhao / MAEC ZHENG, Yufei / MAEC Course: UROP3100, Fall UROP4100, Spring UROP2100, Fall We aim to study the special behavior of Chinese privatized state-owned enterprises (SOEs), especially focus on the export performance. We analyzed firm-level production data of Chinese manufacturing firms from 2000 to 2008, mainly focus on those privatized SOEs which are result from buyout by individuals in a onetime event. We observed early privatized firms seem to be more inclined to export than those being privatized in later stage. Meanwhile, it is a fact that SOEs with poorer performance usually got the priority of being privatized. Therefore, we propose a hypothesis: For privatized exporters, competitiveness is negatively related to the export intensity. The Local Impacts of BRI Projects Supervisor: LIN, Yatang / ECON Student: CHAN, Wai Chung / MAEC Course: UROP2100, Fall In this report, I include the data cleaning and three regression analysis on the basis of the work in 2022 Summer. First is the sector categorizing of the projects, I categorized about 2000 projects. Second with the categorized data, I can work further from the simple linear regression in 2022 Summer. This time the projects involved in the analysis are those we have collected and cleaned, not only those provided by aiddata.org. Thus it provides a more complete result. The three analysis in the report are exposure to the projects during youth period and the employment and education decision (which I have conducted last time but this time with more comprehensive data), the participation of the Belts and Roads and employment, and the coverage of BRI projects and employment. The Local Impacts of BRI Projects Supervisor: LIN, Yatang / ECON Student: HUANG, Shi / ECON Course: UROP2100, Fall Pollution has long been a source of serious concern. It has an impact on people's moods and even their decisions, in addition to having a direct effect on the environment in which they live. The impact of environmental issues on investment decision-making has been the subject of several empirical studies, but there are still many interesting questions to be answered. More investigations on the reasons and effects of the association can be undertaken in the coming future towards detailed studies and closer examination based on US AQI data.