UROP Proceedings 2022-23

School of Business and Management Department of Economics 169 The Local Impacts of BRI Projects Supervisor: LIN, Yatang / ECON Student: JIANG, Yuxuan / SSCI Course: UROP2100, Fall This report describes my work on this project in the 22-23 Fall. I continued the work and researched more deeply this term. The topic of our project is the local impact of BRI projects, which focuses on infrastructure construction in global countries, especially in those developing countries. Chinese Prime Minister XI Jinping initiated it in 2013. For our project, we mainly want to discover the influence these projects exerted from different perspectives (e.g., residents’ occupations, employment, and religions). And in this term, my task was to set up the name of the sector and the sector code for these projects and then get a deeper understanding of BRI’s local impacts through some surveys and questionnaires. The Local Impacts of BRI Projects Supervisor: LIN, Yatang / ECON Student: LAI, Yuxiao / ECOF Course: UROP1100, Fall In this UROP project, I am responsible for researching and summarizing the relevant datasets regarding the Bridge and Road Initiative (BRI) program. Additionally, I classified them into project level and loan level according to the content of the dataset. Then I extracted some most important datasets at the project level and implemented the agency information, especially finding geolocation by searching for construction agency addresses in google Maps one by one and using geocode to draw a concrete map. Since the automatic translation of the companies’ Chinese names may not be accurate, I corrected them manually, preventing the opportunity to search for the wrong company and location. Understanding and De-biasing User Media Consumption Supervisor: LU, Yang / ECON Co-supervisor: HAGMANN, David / MGMT Student: AI, Yuhan / ECOF CHUN, Tin Wai / ECOF GAO, Yifan / SBM IVANOVA, Eva / GBUS TANG, Yuqian / ECOF Course: UROP1100, Summer UROP1100, Summer UROP1000, Summer UROP1000, Summer UROP1100, Summer Over the summer, five researchers curated a list of 10 articles - 4 on the topic of Gender Equality in Employment, and 6 on the topic of Mandatory Abortion Waiting Time Period. Articles were found based on political standpoints, which included left, center-left, center, center-right, and right wing, with 10 for each position. Then, the researchers conducted three, hour-long practice tests, to look for bugs in the system as well as make suggestions that would allow for more detailed information to be collected. Going into the future, more topics will be explored, and real tests will be conducted. The collected information can be used to understand how readers perceive bias; predicting, categorizing, and avoiding bias in writing.