UROP Proceedings 2022-23

School of Business and Management Department of Finance 177 Products, Supply Chains, and Finance Supervisor: ZALDOKAS, Alminas / FINA Student: FU, Tsz Kin / SBM FENG, Ziyang / ECOF HE, Yingqi / RMBI YIN, Meishu / FINA ZHU, Kezhen / SBM Course: UROP1100, Fall UROP1100, Fall UROP1100, Fall UROP2100, Fall UROP2100, Fall During the Fall 2022 UROP program period, our team conducted several tasks to facilitate further research. Firstly, we constructed a comprehensive dataset that matches subsidiaries with their ultimate holding company and top-tier foreign holding company. To increase the processing speed when finding ultimate companies for branches and avoid manual operations, we designed a program that combines dictionary data and data frames. Moreover, we utilized the previous data collected from the previous term to construct a visualized map of the concentration of subsidiaries. We also calculated different concentration-related figures to make the map more presentable. Hong Kong IPO Market Supervisor: ZHANG, Chu / FINA Student: HO, Sze Lok / QFIN Course: UROP1100, Spring Miniso, the fast-growing Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand, successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2022. Despite facing criticism over its brand perception and the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has expanded to over 100 countries and regions, with a remarkable 4,800 stores worldwide. In 2022, Miniso was the largest global branded variety retailer of lifestyle products, with an aggregate GMV of RMB18.4 billion, according to the Frost & Sullivan. The company's high level of flexibility and capacity to manage the ongoing changes in the business environment is responsible for this achievement. Miniso is the first consumer and retail company to have completed a dual primary listing in Hong Kong, raising net proceeds of HK$482.1 million, which will be used to grow the business' operations and strengthen its brand recognition in both current and emerging markets.