UROP Proceedings 2022-23

School of Business and Management Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management 184 On Identifying Web3 Business Opportunities and Challenges Supervisor: LEE, Dongwon / ISOM Student: SONG, Xiaolong / ECOF Course: UROP1100, Fall This project focuses on the Chinese web3.0 market, aiming to investigate the current situation of the Chinese web3 market, and seeks development opportunities for the future by consulting Chinese market reports and news and generating a deliverable slide. The structure of the final deliverable is as followed: 1. Web3.0 introduction and Chinese Web3 Ecosystem. (Policy regulations and the Blockchain Service Network (BSN)) 2. Tech giant’s actions for stepping into Web3.0 in China and US. 3. Seek future opportunities and identify emerging Web3 businesses in China. The major opinion of the deliverable is that the Chinese Web 3.0 industry starts later than the United States. The Chinese government will formulate relevant Top-level Designs and policies in advance to guide the development direction. Domestic technology giants are active in NFT and web3 entertainment, and there is still unlimited development potential in the Chinese Web 3.0 market. Digital Leadership and Digital Transformation Supervisor: LEE, Dongwon / ISOM Student: HU, Yumeng / ECOF Course: UROP1100, Fall This project aims to study digital leadership and digital transformation in Asian countries. In this report, I analyzed five representative cases in China which covered the successful digital transformation of Companies and historical sites and digital transformation at the exploration stage, mainly focusing on the strategy and impact. Moreover, I included an unsuccessful digital transformation case and analyzed the reasons for a more comprehensive understanding. Meanwhile, the role of leaders of corresponding cases was equally studied. By conducting comprehensive research on academic papers, industry reports, and business cases, I identified skill sets in digital leadership and how they led effective digital transformation. Digital Leadership and Digital Transformation Supervisor: LEE, Dongwon / ISOM Student: QIAO, Yanyang / QFIN Course: UROP1100, Fall Human beings have entered the digital age, and the business models of enterprises have changed dramatically. Leaders of the digital age also need to revolutionize themselves. Digital leadership is becoming increasingly crucial. In the digital era, leaders need to consider from three perspectives, the trend of human development in a higher dimension, the agility of one's own organization and customer experience, and formulate an executable digital transformation and growth path. This report mainly focuses on the digital transformation of 4 major US and Chinese companies in e-commerce and retail industries. It also analyzes differences between Chinese digital leadership and US digital leadership and provides improvements methods for Chinese leaders.