UROP Proceedings 2022-23

School of Business and Management Department of Management 186 Department of Management Perceptions of AI in Organizations Supervisor: BITTERLY, Thomas Bradford / MGMT Student: DING, Yishan / ECOF Course: UROP1000, Summer Under the guidance of Professor Thomas Bradford BITTERLY, this research extensively examines the pivotal factors influencing trust establishment and the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) within organizational contexts. This study is committed to investigating the underlying causes of individual reluctance towards the incorporation of AI while also investigating strategies that can promote increased acceptance and utilization of AI technologies. The research methodology incorporates a blend of field studies and experimental approaches, enabling a comprehensive grasp of the intricate dynamics associated with the integration of AI in organizational settings. The outcomes of this study are anticipated to yield substantial insights into the factors shaping attitudes and behaviors towards AI, thereby providing actionable recommendations for organizations aiming to optimize AI assimilation and harness its full range of potential benefits. Perceptions of AI in Organizations Supervisor: BITTERLY, Thomas Bradford / MGMT Student: HUANG, Shi / ECON Course: UROP1100, Summer Patriarchy, a widespread social system affecting global cultures, especially gender dynamics, is under scrutiny. In addition, media, especially the film industry and shows, plays a pivotal role in shaping and perpetuating gender norms. As college students are in shaping societal norms, the research delves into how media exposure attitudes and perceptions. By concentrating on Hong Kong undergraduates, the study plan to assess how feminist media content influences career attitudes using surveys and focus groups and delve into how feminist media shapes Hong Kong undergraduates' career attitudes using surveys and focus groups, contributing to the potential societal change. Perceptions of AI in Organizations Supervisor: BITTERLY, Thomas Bradford / MGMT Student: TASNEEM, Maisha / SSCI Course: UROP1000, Summer This project explores individual perceptions of artificial intelligence (AI) and their attitudes toward its adoption in organizational contexts. The focus of the study is understanding how people perceive AIgenerated feedback. This report provides an overview of the current progress of the research. The main objective for the summer’23 has been to increase the efficiency of the data collection process by automating it. The report highlights two approaches: using Python scripts or ChatGPT. While the latter has been the better approach, there are certain limitations, which can be mitigated by strategies outlined in the report. Initial trials simulated classroom environments where AI provides feedback as “teachers”. The framework can potentially be used to simulate other contexts to generate different types of feedback. The report also provides a set of suggestions to facilitate the next steps.