UROP Proceedings 2022-23

In the 2022–23 academic year, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) continues to be supported and recognised by the HKUST community. More than 240 faculty supervisors from four Schools and from the Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies offered around 570 projects for our undergraduates. We also received over 1,000 applications throughout the academic year, with 593 students were successfully enrolled to the program. To enhance the continuous development of existing UROP projects, the UROP Support Grant Scheme continues providing nancial support for faculty supervisors and their students. Through the Scheme, students also experience the process of applying for research grants by submitting a joint application with their supervisors. In 2022–23, 32 out of 36 received applications were awarded with an aggregate funding amount of over HK$530,000, after the review by the UROP Of ce and by the UROP Advisory Board. In the year 2023, 28 students with outstanding research performance were nominated by their UROP supervisors for the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Awards. Among the nominees, 13 candidates were shortlisted and invited to give an oral presentation on their research ndings to the UROP Advisory Board. The Board recommended 1 Champion, 2 First Runner-Ups and 3 Second Runner-Ups. The faculty supervisors of those 6 student awardees were also recognized by the UROP Faculty Research Award. The award presentation ceremony was organized on 28 April 2023. UROP Overview 2022–23 The 2023 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Awards iv