UROP Proceedings 2022-23

vi Second Runner-up WANG, Ruida Major / Year: DSCT & COSC / 3 Supervised by: WONG, Raymond Chi Wing / CSE Project Title: Neural Decision Forest Enhancement for Session-based Recommendation Second Runner-up YAP, Octavius Jessica Major / Year: CENG / 4 Supervised by: CHAU, Ying / CBE Project Title: Combinatorial Peptide Bound Hydrogel Particle for Immunomodulation Second Runner-up ZHANG, Weiwen Major / Year: DSCT / Graduated Supervised by: CHEN, Hao / CSE Project Title: Deep Learning for Ophthalmology Image Analysis Best Poster Award LEE, Tung Yeung Major / Year: BCB / 3 Supervised by: WONG, Yung Hou / LIFS Project Title: Decoding Key Residues in Gαi1 for the Functional Interaction with Adenylate Cyclase