UROP Proceedings 2022-23

School of Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering 85 Department of Computer Science and Engineering Augmented Reality Metaverse Supervisor: BRAUD, Tristan Camille / CSE Student: CHAN, Shu Pui / COSC Course: UROP1100, Summer The current AR systems, such as phones and VR headsets, require users to use touch screens or remote controllers to interact with the AR world, which is not convenient and immersive. Although Apple Vision Pro allows hand gesture interaction, its ability to estimate hand motion data is unclear. This research proposes using a smartwatch as a controller to communicate commands to the AR app, providing a natural way of interaction without the need for a new device. The research involves using Unity 3D and AR Foundation to create a basic AR app for iOS, using Swift, SwiftUI, and WatchKit to establish a connection between iPhone and Apple Watch through WCSession, and building a bridge between Unity C# and Native Swift code through an iOS plugin. Augmented Reality Metaverse Supervisor: BRAUD, Tristan Camille / CSE Student: FANG, Pengjun / SENG Course: UROP1000, Summer Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that enhances the perception of reality by overlaying computergenerated information on top of the physical world. Due to the widespread of smartphones and other mobile devices and the development of AR technology, AR has gained significant popularity in recent years. AR technology has been used in a variety of applications, including gaming, education, advertising, and industrial design. AR offers the ability to create immersive and interactive environments that blend seamlessly with the physical world, providing users with a new level of engagement and interactivity. To explore the development potential of AR and get a deeper insight into AR technology, I attempt to develop an AR game for mobile devices. This report presents the design, development, and evaluation of the AR game. The game was created using Unity and the ARKit framework and was designed for mobile devices. The report covers the various stages of development, including ideation, prototyping, testing, and deployment. Augmented Reality Metaverse Supervisor: BRAUD, Tristan Camille / CSE Student: HO, Pak Tik / CPEG Course: UROP1100, Summer The rapid development of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the past decade has led to the concept of immersing oneself into a simulated environment, which is known as “Metaverse”. This advanced technology has garnered attention from Information Technology Companies worldwide by its potential business opportunities. Additionally, the application of AR and Metaverse technologies in the entertainment industry has been a subject for many developers. This study aims to explore the development of an Android application that incorporates a highly synchronized, interactive extended reality environment in space and time by AR markers among different clients, based on Augmented Reality and Metaverse technologies.