UROP Proceedings 2022-23

School of Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering 86 Augmented Reality Metaverse Supervisor: BRAUD, Tristan Camille / CSE Student: KRIUK, Fedor / SENG Course: UROP1000, Summer Digital image processing is the process of transforming an image into a digital form and performing certain operations to get some useful information from it. It is a crucial component of Extended Reality (XR) systems, allowing them to accurately overlay digital content onto the real world and create a seamless and immersive experience for users. MLKit is a Software Development Kit (SDK) developed by Google that brings Machine Learning (ML) solutions to mobile devices. In this research study, I explored the possibilities of ML Kit and drew conclusions about its work. I also suggested a way to apply Google’s SDK and described my future efforts working with XR and ML technologies. VR Metaverse for Education Supervisor: BRAUD, Tristan Camille / CSE Student: NG, Tsz Tsun / SENG RUAN, Junhong / SENG YUEN, Bryan Qi Wen / SENG Course: UROP1000, Summer UROP1000, Summer UROP1000, Summer This progress report gives an outline of the progress made in developing a virtual reality education platform. We will first give a brief introduction to our project and then outline the general idea of it. We will then present our progress on three different projects, which are the Metaverse avatar system, the interaction definition system, and the drawing system. We will explain some of our work and some challenges that we have faced during this period. Finally, we will sum up this report by pointing out some areas in the VR education platform that could be further developed in the future. VR Metaverse for Education Supervisor: BRAUD, Tristan Camille / CSE Student: YANG, He / SENG Course: UROP1100, Summer Metaverse platform is a powerful tool widely used in various areas including video games. When it is applied in games, users can interact with the world in a way that enhances connection. Multiplayer will gain new dimensions as it allows users to communicate with other users, connect with real-world friends, build relationships with them, etc. The main idea is the interaction between artificial intelligence and human beings as well as interaction between human beings. In this project, we will mainly focus on the former one. In this project we build game scenes in Unity and construct discussions between characters and players. The system is far less smart than human-AI interaction, however, it is widely used in game tutorials. After the tutorial system will be a simple parkour game with different levels.