Annual Newsletter 2022-23

Prof Melinda Whong Director, Center for Language Education It is my pleasure to share the excellent work of the Center for Language Education in this inaugural Newsletter. After the prolonged period of teaching online, it has been a pleasure to be back on campus this past year. We have discovered that our experiences have given us a new lease on life, resulting in a wide range of activity and initiatives. Language Centers have a habit of downplaying their work because of their inherently supportive nature. But the strength of the center here at HKUST means that a great amount of excellent work is taking place. Of course, our main work is to teach language classes, as all HKUST students must fulfill language course requirements in their programs of study. But as is appropriate for a university of the rank and standing of HKUST, the CLE does far more than that. In these pages we are pleased to share with you some of the exciting events and activities that have taken place this past year. We have also included developments in our programming, as well as featured some of our successes. I would like to thank our students, instructors and staff for their ongoing commitment and dedication to the CLE. Without your hard work and commitment, we would not be able to provide the high-quality language education that we are known for. Please read on to see how we in the CLE are contributing both on campus and in the community. We hope you enjoy our first CLE Newsletter, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions for future editions. With all best wishes, Prof Melinda Whong Director, Center for Language Education 1 CLE Annual Newsletter 2022-23