Annual Newsletter 2022-23

6 Grants and Projects Fundings & Grants In academic year 2022–23, the CLE received funding grants for four projects: Staff Name of fundings and grants Brief introduction Project leaders: Kasina Wong, Nick Wong and Prof. Huamin Qu (CSE) AI-assisted Virtual Reality English Speaking Program for Secondary Students (Quality Education Fund, May 2023) The project received a funding of 30.4 million dollars from the Quality Education Fund (QEF) with the aim of developing an AI assisted VR English speaking program for secondary and tertiary education institutions that can help enhance and enrich the English-speaking learning experience for students. Currently, there 11 local schools participating in this project and will launch this coming September. Project leader: KasinaWong Project members: Nick Wong and Delian Gaskell Enhancing Students’ VR Job Interview Practice Experience through Oculus Software for Business Students and Beyond (Teaching and Learning Innovation Projects, HKUST, December 2022) The project builds upon the success of the I'm IN - HKUST VR job interview practice application, which was funded by CEI in 2021 and is led by the same team. By incorporating Oculus software, the project aims to provide a more realistic and immersive VR job interview practice for students, ultimately enhancing their communication skills. This project targets not only students in a Business Communication Course but also students from other disciplines. Project leaders: Levi Lam and Mark Melican Extended Curriculum: Digital Literacy (Podcasting) (Teaching and Learning Innovation Projects, HKUST, December 2022) Funded by the CEI. It aims at providing students with an opportunity to learn about podcasting by guiding them through the development, recording, and postproduction of their own podcast episodes. Project leader: Fiona Ho Project members: Angie Li and Nick Wong Learning League: A Collaborative Students Leading Students Programme Enhancing Secondary School Students’ English Proficiency (Quality Education Fund, December 2022) The Learning League is a collaborative students leading students (SLS) programme received funded by the QEF. This project is a service-learning programme that promotes education equity by offering free education support to underprivileged secondary school students with the hope of enhancing their English proficiency. The Learning League adopts a flipped classroom approach, providing English language teaching training and online self-directed learning materials for higher proficiency students. In addition, the project utilizes the learningby-teaching pedagogy, allowing higher proficiency students to work on weekly challenges by teaching lower proficiency students to consolidate their knowledge acquisition under the supervision of our HKUST English lecturers.