Annual Newsletter 2022-23

The program was hosted by Dalian University of Foreign Languages (DUFL)and supported by China’s Ministry of Education, took place in Dalian from 5 to 15 June 2023. The event has been running since 2013. This year, 133 students applied, with 38 selected for in-person participation in Dalian and the rest taking part online. This was the first offline exchange since the pandemic, and students showed great enthusiasm. In addition to student exchanges, this year’s program included academic lectures by Benjamin Leung and Krista Du for DUFL’s English and Chinese schools and a forum on extended curriculum by Ada Luo and Vicky Yu, the IAs from iLANG to facilitate experience sharing. Closer cooperation and collaboration is also being explored by both sides. The iLANG short courses, activities and workshops aim to supplement and complement the current 3rd languages programs, promote to the learning of the 3rd languages and the corresponding cultures, and pilot new initiatives which will be incorporated into the current curricular. Programs offered this semester include Spanish Conversation Group, Japanese Chat Chat “Mori Mori basic” and the French Conversation Group. iLANG also introduced the Chinese Buddy Language Program to students to help them with their Putonghua speaking skills. Student leaders or ‘buddies’ will lead a group of students and engage in number of fun activities organised throughout the semester to allow students to practice speaking Putonghua in relaxing environments to help build up their confidence. iLANG Short Courses and Activities of Third Languages: Spanish, Japanese, Putonghua, Cantonese and French Dalian Exchange Program 2023 Sharing Our Expertise Kasina Wong: “I'm IN - A VR Job Interview Practice Application for Business Students and Beyond” at “Beyond-the-Classroom Strategy: Integrating Technology into Virtual Teaching and Learning” by CEI, HKUST on 18 October 2022 Yılmaz Köylü: “Future of Education” at TEDxEdUHK on 27 May 2023 Mark Hopkins: “Cultural Differences between France and Hong Kong” for Global Immersion Programme, HKMU on 2 January 2023 Roy Chan: “The Pronunciation Teaching in Hong Kong and an Intelligibility-based Pronunciation Teaching Approach (Invited Keynote Speech)” at The International Conference on Bilingual Education 2023 by The Asia University (Taiwan) on 9 June 2023 9 CLE Annual Newsletter 2022-23