Science Focus (issue 26)

Dear Readers, Welcome to a bonus issue of Science Focus. Perhaps this will remind you of the joy of science, when you are kept busy by study trips, revision, or homework, during your Easter holiday. We focus on biology and mathematics this time. Although most of us have uniform skin colors that change little, some animals are far better at changing theirs, at short notice. We explore the color-changing secrets of chameleon and octopus. For cat lovers, we discuss the physiology and genetics of cats through memes. We also delve into the science and ethics behind animal cloning. Have you ever watched the movie Good Will Hunting? We bring you an equally captivating Korean movie that is worth adding to your playlist. Finally, for those of you who are puzzled by various ways to tie shoelaces, you will find a mathematical guide in this issue. We have just launched this year’s “Science in Lyrics” Writing Competition. For details, please visit our website by scanning the QR code on the back cover. Yours faithfully, Prof. Ho Yi Mak Editor-in-Chief 親愛的讀者: 歡迎閱讀額外出版的新一期《科言》!當你在復活節假期忙於參 加遊學團,勤於溫習和做功課的時候,希望本刊能令你重拾對科學的 喜悅。 今期我們主打生物和數學題材。雖然人類大多都擁有均勻而相對 恆定的膚色,但也有動物擅長於轉瞬間變色,所以我們將揭開變色龍和 八爪魚的變色秘密。各位貓癡也有福了,因為我們將從迷因解構貓咪的 生理和遺傳學。我們亦會探討複製動物背後的科學和道德問題。你有看 過電影《驕陽似我》嗎?今期我們會介紹另一套同樣值得你加入播放清 單的韓國電影。最後,對於被眾多鞋帶綁法弄得頭昏腦脹的你,我們將 會送上一份綁鞋帶的數學指南。 此外,今年的「歌詞與科學」寫作比賽現正接受報名,你可以掃瞄 本刊背頁的二維碼參閱《科言》網頁上的詳情。 主編 麥晧怡教授 敬上 Message from the Editor-in-Chief 主編的話 Copyright © 2024 HKUST E-mail: Homepage: Scientific Advisors 科學顧問 Prof. Yukinori Hirano平野恭敬教授 Prof. Ivan Ip 葉智皓教授 Editor-in-Chief 主編輯 Prof. Ho Yi Mak麥晧怡教授 Managing Editor 總編輯 Daniel Lau 劉劭行 Student Editorial Board學生編委 Editors 編輯 Sonia Choy 蔡蒨珩 Peace Foo 胡適之 Roshni Printer Aastha Shreeharsh Charlton Sullivan 蘇柏安 Helen Wong 王思齊 Social Media Editor 社交媒體編輯 Zoey Tsang 曾鈺榆 Graphic Designers 設計師 Ligeia Fu 付一乙 Evangeline Lei 雷雨晴 Coby Ngai 魏敏儀 Contents Science Focus Issue 026, 2024 What’s Happening in Hong Kong? 香港科技活動 Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination 1 科幻旅航 Black Holes: The Information Barrier 黑洞 ─ 信息的盡頭 Science Today 今日科學 Lazarus Rising: The Attempted Resurrection of the Gastric 2 Brooding Frog 拉撒路復活:絕種胃育蛙重生記 Amusing World of Science 趣味科學 The Science Behind Cat Memes: Can Your Cat Haz 6 Cheezburgerz? 貓咪迷因大解構:主子「可摸耳」吃芝士漢堡? Movie Review: In Our Prime (2022) 12 影評:奇怪的數學家(2022) Masters of Transformation: Color-Changing Animals 16 偽裝大師:變色動物 The Shoelace Problem – What’s the Best Way to 19 Lace Your Shoes? 鞋帶問題 — 怎樣穿鞋帶才是最佳方法?