Science Focus (issue 26)

What’s Happening in Hong Kong? 香港科技活動 Fun in Spring Science Activities 春日科學好節目 Any plans for this Spring? Check out these activities! 計劃好這個春天的好去處了嗎?不妨考慮以下活動! Science Fiction : Voyage to the Edge of Imagination 科幻旅航 Black Holes: The Information Barrier 黑洞 ─ 信息的盡頭 Are you a science fiction lover? The Science Museum has launched a special exhibition called "Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination." This immersive experience takes visitors on a journey through iconic science fiction exhibits, featuring a variety of films, literature, and art. With six immersive zones, including "Planet Mission" and "Bio Lab", visitors can explore significant themes within science fiction, such as space exploration, cyborgs, and future habitats. This cross-disciplinary exhibition should prompt visitors to reflect on the societal implications of advancing technology, and consider the opportunities and challenges of today and tomorrow through science fiction. The special exhibition at the Space Museum delves into the mysteries of black holes, revealing their myths and truths. In addition to the technologies used to "see" and "hear" black holes, visitors can also learn about the paradoxes and possibilities of these mysterious cosmic bodies. Is a black hole really a time machine? What will happen if you fall into a black hole? While we did not recommend you to find the answers by falling into an actual one a few issues ago, you can now do it in the exhibition through virtual reality goggles!. Period: Now – May 29, 2024 Venue: Special Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum Admission fee: Extra entrance fee applies to this special exhibition. Please refer to the museum’s website for details. Period: Now – May 27, 2024 Venue: Foyer, Hong Kong Space Museum Admission fee: Free admission 展期: 現在至2024年5月29日 地點: 香港科學館特備展覽廳 入場費: 此專題展覽另設入場費,詳情請參閱科 學館網頁。 時間: 現在至 2024 年 5月27日 地點: 香港太空館大堂 入場費: 免費入場 你喜歡科幻故事嗎?科學館精心籌備了名為 「科幻旅航」的專題展覽,透過多件與科幻電影、 文學和藝術作品相關的展品,帶大家投身一段 奇妙的科幻旅程。展覽有「星際任務」和「生物 研究室」等的六個沉浸式展區,大家可以從中探 索多個科幻故事的熱門主題,例如太空探索、改 造人(cyborgs)和未來居所等等。這個跨領域 展覽希望促使大家思考先進科技為社會帶來的 影響,以及從科幻作品察看現在和未來的機遇和 挑戰。 這個太空館的專題展覽介紹關於黑洞的流 言和知識,解開其神秘面紗。大家除了可以認識 科學家用於「看見」和「聽見」黑洞的科技外,還 能了解更多關於黑洞的悖論和黑洞的各種可能 性。黑洞真的是時光機嗎?掉進黑洞後會發生甚 麼事?《科言》編採部之前曾勸告大家不要嘗試 親身掉進黑洞找答案,但現在你可以在展覽中透 過虛擬實境眼鏡實踐了! 1 MythBusters: Black Holes (Issue 019) 流言終結者:黑洞篇 (第十九期)