Master of Public Policy Program 2024-25 (MPP)

THE ONLY TWO-YEAR FULL-TIME MPP PROGRAM IN HONG KONG Our MPP is the only two-year full-time program in Hong Kong which has provided comprehensive professional training experience for the development of skills and competencies essential for career success. Students will be able to have good time management to look for internship and/ or career opportunities, and even better prepare themselves to apply for MPhil or PhD study relevant to the field of public policy in both local and overseas universities if they are interested in pursuing a research and academic career. WHY STUDY PUBLIC POLICY AT HKUST? INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH HKUST's public policy program takes an interdisciplinary approach to policy-making, drawing on insights from various fields, including economics, political science, and sociology. This approach allows students to gain a broad understanding of policy issues and develop a well-rounded perspective on policy-making. A WORLD-CLASS FACULTY Trained in some of the best universities in the world, our faculty members have established themselves as leading scholars in their fields, and many of them have had extensive experience advising national government bodies, international organizations and major corporations. 100% of courses in HKUST are taught in English, enabling full access to world-class teaching and research across the university. GUARANTEED 24-MONTH VISA TO WORK IN HONG KONG (IANG) Enabling eligible students from outside Hong Kong to explore a myriad of training and career opportunities after graduation. RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES Students have the opportunity to work with faculty members on research projects and gain hands-on experience in policy analysis and evaluation. GREATER BAY AREA (GBA) DEVELOPMENT Hong Kong is not only an international financial center and a gateway to Mainland China, but also a part of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). The development of GBA offers exciting business and career opportunities.