Master of Public Policy Program 2024-25 (MPP)

Acting Head, Division of Public Policy Prof. Naubahar SHARIF PhD in Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University Areas of Specialization ・ Innovation and technology policy in Hong Kong and China ・ Belt and road initiative MPP Program Co-Directors Prof. Masaru YARIME PhD in Economics and Policy Studies of Innovation and Technological Change, Maastricht University Areas of Specialization ・ Science, technology, and innovation policy ・ Public policy and institutional design for energy, environment, and sustainability ・ Innovation systems of smart cities ・ Sustainability science Faculty Dr. Marie N. BERNAL PhD in Public Policy, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Areas of Specialization ・ Risk regulation ・ Behavioral and cognitive science implications for public policy ・ Policymaking and policy dynamics Prof. Anthony Bing-leung CHEUNG PhD in Government, London School of Economics and Political Science Areas of Specialization ・ Governance studies ・ Asian administrative reforms ・ Civil service studies ・ Para-governmental organisations and Privatisation ・ Public policy Prof. Stuart GIETEL-BASTEN PhD in Historical Demography, University of Cambridge Areas of Specialization ・ Demography ・ Population policy ・ Ageing policy ・ Family policy ・ Health policy Prof. Hyuncheol Bryant KIM PhD in Economics, Columbia University Areas of Specialization ・ Applied Empirical Microeconomics: Development Economics, Health Economics, Education Economics, Personnel Economics, and Policy Evaluation Prof. Michael Shih-Ta CHEN PhD in Economics, Cornell University Prof. King Lau CHOW PhD in Cell Biology, Baylor College of Medicine Areas of Specialization ・ Genetics ・ Evolutionary biology ・ Cellular and molecular mechanisms ・ Developmental biology ・ Sensory organ differentiation Prof. Alex Jingwei HE PhD in Public Policy, National University of Singapore Areas of Specialization ・ Comparative social policy ・ Policy innovation and entrepreneurship ・ Health policy and governance Prof. Magdalena KLEMUN PhD in Engineering Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Areas of Specialization ・ Technology Innovation ・ Energy and Climate Policy Prof. Pengyu ZHU PhD in Policy, Planning and Development, University of Southern California Areas of Specialization ・ Transportation policy ・ Economic development policy ・ Housing policy ・ Land use policy ・ Applications of Big Data in policymaking FACULTY PROFILE