Master of Public Policy Program 2024-25 (MPP)

Prof. Donald How Tian LOW (Professor in Practice) Master in International Public Policy, Johns Hopkins University Areas of Specialization ・ Poverty and inequality ・ Big data and social science research ・ Development economics ・ Political economy of development ・ Population and policy issues in Asia Prof. Albert Francis PARK PhD in Applied Economics, Stanford University Areas of Specialization ・ Applied economics ・ Development economics ・ Labour economics ・ Chinese economy Prof. Ye QI PhD in Environmental Science, State University of New York and Syracuse University Areas of Specialization ・ Energy ・ Environment ・ Climate change policy ・ Governance for sustainability Dr. Michael TYRALA PhD in Asian and International Studies, City University of Hong Kong Areas of Specialization ・ World-systems analysis ・ Global offshore economy ・ Global tax governance ・ Political economy of development ・ Social psychology of late capitalism Prof. Xun WU PhD in Public Policy Analysis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Areas of Specialization ・ Water resource management ・ Health policy ・ Anti-corruption ・ Policy design and innovations Dr Fangxin Francine YI PhD in Urban Development and Policy, National University of Singaporee Areas of Specialization ・ Urban and land policy, ・ City resilience, ・ Risk management ・ Complexity and public policy Prof. Yatang LIN PhD in Economics, The London School of Economics and Political Science Areas of Specialization ・ Environmental economics ・ Urban and regional economics ・ International trade ・ Economic growth and development Prof. Kira MATUS PhD in Public Policy, Harvard University Areas of Specialization ・ Innovation for sustainable development ・ Sustainable production and consumption / sustainable manufacturing ・ Green chemistry and engineering ・ Science advice in public policy ・ Regulation of emerging technologies ・ Sustainability science Prof. Timothy SZE PhD in Jurisprudence, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) Prof. Julien de TROULLIOUD de LANVERSIN PhD in Applied Physics, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University Areas of Specialization ・ Nuclear policy ・ Nuclear nonproliferation and arms control ・ International security ・ Energy policy ・ U.S.-China collaboration in science & technology ・ Open-source science Prof. James Ka Lei WONG PhD in Government, London School of Economics Areas of Specialization ・ Environmental politics and policy ・ Theories of institutional design ・ Deliberative democracy and governanc Prof. Yan XU PhD in Telecommunications Policy, University of Strathclyde Areas of Specialization ・ Technology and Innovation Management ・ Telecom Industry Development and Policy Open Innovation ・ Information Technology Policy and Standardization ・ Digital Economy Prof. Xiaofan ZHAO PhD in Public Administration, Tsinghua University Areas of Specialization ・ Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Policy and Governance ・ Theories of the Policy Process ・ Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance Faculty