Master of Public Policy Program 2024-25 (MPP)

AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION As part of their 48 credits, MPP students have the option to specialize in one of the two following specializations: science and technology policy concentration or environmental and sustainability policy concentration. A specialization consists of at least four 3-credit courses, of which at least two are offered by the Division of Public Policy. Students pursuing this option must choose their elective coursework based on the requirements for their specialization. Science and Technology Policy Concentration The specialization provides students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that are essential to professional careers in areas where science and technology are guided by public policy or where science and technology play an integral role in the formulation and implementation of innovative solutions. Environmental and Sustainability Policy Concentration This specialization provides students with the opportunity to acquire the tools, methodologies, interdisciplinary perspectives, and substantive topical knowledge necessary to be effective policy professionals in public, non-profi¬t, and private organizations that cover a broad spectrum of issues relating to the environment and natural resources. Prof. Masaru YARIME Program Co-Director, Master of Public Policy "Our MPP program trains students to acquire up-to-date knowledge and robust methodologies and skillfully apply them to tackle crucial challenges we are currently facing in society. The Policy Analysis Exercise (PAE) provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate with clients in various sectors on real-world problems. With strong capabilities for critical thinking, effective communication, and interdisciplinary teamwork, our students are well-positioned for career development in academia, government, industry, and civil society organizations." Prof. Pengyu ZHU Program Co-Director, Master of Public Policy “Our MPP program features a unique two-year curriculum taught by our renowned professors that emphasizes on training critical thinking skills to understand policy issues in depth, enhancing technical and analytical skills to create solutions effectively, and cultivating communication skills to manage policy implementation practically. With this two-year program, students will not only gain extensive training to boost their marketability, but also get more opportunities to secure full-time employment immediately after graduation, or better position themselves in competing for a fully-funded PhD study.”