Master of Public Policy Program 2024-25 (MPP)

Please visit for the details of the course curriculum and descriptions. PROGRAM STRUCTURE JIANG, Yuyang (Class of 2025) Bachelor of Management Science in Accounting (2020), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics "During the epidemic period, when I was working in the banking industry, I found that technology companies were heavily indebted and involved in a vicious cycle of capital chain. I was therefore motivated to work for the government, in the Industrial and commercial bureau, with the mission of assisting technology startups and SMEs with financial support. The MPP highlights of capstone projects on innovation and startups, coupled with the faculty expertise and career resources, help me gain insights and knowledge in formulating targeted policies and getting closer in fulfilling my mission." Risk and Regulation Policy Analysis and Design for Sustainable Development Applied Demography Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management Complex Systems for Policy Technology, Innovation and Public Policy Urban Economics and Urban Policy Innovation and Sustainability Finance, Financial Crises and Economic Development Advanced Analytical Methods for Public Policy Ethics and Public Policy China and the World: Policies and Development Strategies Local and Regional Development Environmental Economics Special Topics in Public Policy