Master of Public Policy Program 2024-25 (MPP)

SUPPORTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Starting the 2021-22 academic year, we have introduced the MPP Student Advisory Program. This program will assign a faculty member as an advisor to small group of students. The aim is to improve communication between faculty members and students by organizing various enrichment activities and luncheon talks. Through this program, advisors have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of students’ study progress and concerns so that they can provide targeted advice and support, which helps to improve students’ academic performance and foster a deeper connection between advisors and students. On the other hand, students are able to approach a faculty member in an easier way, ensuring that they receive timely advice and assistance. This also allows students to be more proactive in seeking advice on their academic needs. Lam Lok Him (Class of 2025) Bachelor of Arts in European Studies, Politics and Public Administration (2023), The University of Hong Kong "As a graduate student who majors in politics and public administration, I hope to expand my knowledge and specialize in the field of governance. The MPP program can equip me with core skills in research, analysis and management, to succeed in both the public and private sectors. Therefore, I have chosen this program in preparing myself for any future opportunities."