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HKUST Alumni News 2014
Giving Back
Water sports are popular with many students – including those
who would never have thought of participating when they first enrolled
at the University. Sports play an important role in helping students
develop all-round personalities – as well as being good for the well-
being of mind and body. And for those talented sportsmen and
women on campus, being part of a team and representing HKUST in
various competitions engenders a spirit of pride in the University.
The objective of the recently established HKUST Water Sports
Center is to act as the Home Port for the University’s water sports
clubs, be a qualified center as the on-campus training partner with
external water sports organizations and to organize student events.
The Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) is showing steady growth, thanks to the generous support
of alumni. More than HK$500,000-worth of interest income was allocated in 2013-14 to the
benefit of students. A portion of this went towards water sports activities. Not only is our campus
located by the sea, but it is on a particularly sheltered stretch of water perfect for water sports.
Water Sports Center
Water Sports
Festival 2014
The facility focuses on dragon boating, open-water rowing, canoeing
& kayaking and so on.
The Center celebrated its official opening with the 1st HKUST
Water Sports Festival on October 11, with alumni participation (for
more details, see pages 12 and 13). It has been up and running for over
a year, however, and between April 2013 and June 2014, 58 water
sports courses or workshops were held, benefitting 378 students. More
training courses will be launched in 2014-15.
Building a
Better Future
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