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HKUST Alumni News 2014
Global Horizons
Dim Sum
Boston is one of the cities in the US that is gathering a growing
population of HKUST alumni. The inauguration of the
was marked when a group of alumni reunited for a wonderful
dim sum lunch on a weekend in October. Thanks to Craig Yu for
making it happen! Stay tuned for upcoming events.
President Professor Tony Chan, Vice-President
for Institutional Advancement Dr Eden Woon
and several faculty members took the invaluable
opportunity during their university visit to Mexico
to host the first-ever reunion there. Alumni and
students were overjoyed to be kept abreast of the
soaring advancements of their alma mater and also
shared their working and living experiences. The
dinner was facilitated by Camilo Ángel Díaz.
With an alumni body of over 54,000, HKUST has graduates in
all corners of the globe. If you live overseas and haven’t yet hooked up with fellow graduates in
your area, why not contact your local alumni chapter – and if there isn’t one, then you could start
a group yourself!
… and
Another pleasant dim sum lunch brought together alumni
New York
. Everyone was delighted to have the
opportunity to share their life and career experiences.
Thank you to Carolyn Xu for lining this up!
The past few months have been particularly
vibrant for the
Singapore Chapter
. In
August, they joined their counterparts from
other universities in Hong Kong at the Joint U
Mid-Autumn celebration. The Japanese lunch
gathering took place once again at alumnus
Darryl Chow’s restaurant in September, and
the Marina Bay Walk happened in November.
All events made available
valuable opportunities for alumni
to expand their networks and
reconnect with each other.
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