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HKUST Alumni News 2014
Sporting activities are flourishing at HKUST – and alumni are playing an important role in the
growing popularity. Various alumni sports clubs organize regular activities and take part in
competitions; not only is this a great way for graduates to keep in shape, but it also helps them
keep in touch with old classmates as well as forge new friendships.
lumni sports interest groups include
the EMBA Alumni Walkers’ Club,
Alumni Dragon Boat Club, Rowing Team
Alumni Association, MBA Alumni Association
Dragon Boat and Alumni Golf Club, while
other alumni groups organize different sports
events for members from time to time.
EMBA Alumni Walkers’ Club
The Gobi Challenge is the club’s annual
signature program that brings together a
group of keen hikers who seek to take up
this huge challenge. In May, they took part
in the highly testing Pilgrimage Journey of
Xuan Zang
, a hike of about
112km, and won the Shackleton Award.
The club organizes various hiking activities
all year round.
EMBA Alumni Walkers’ Club
Sporting Spirit
Alumni Dragon Boat Club
MBA Alumni Association
Dragon Boat
Going from strength to
strength, the paddlers display a
very strong team spirit. The team has made
its mark in many HKUST and open local
races. They take part in three to five large-
scale competitions each year.
Alumni Dragon Boat Club
The 30 paddlers undergo regular
training from February to July each
year. Apart from winning a number
of open local competitions, the team
also participates in international
races, including the Okinawa Dragon
Boat Festival and the forthcoming
race in Taiwan next year.
Rowing Team Alumni Asscociation
Rowing Team Alumni Association
A keen supporter of both HKUST and
open local competitions, the association
has a history of more than 15 years. Over
the years, the rowers have won many
championships in a variety of races.
MBA Alumni Association Dragon Boat
Alumni Golf Club
The club aims to promote golf among HKUST alumni, staff and students
through organizing and participating in different tournaments. Join them if you
are also a golf enthusiast!
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