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HKUST Alumni News 2014
, Bubbles & Sport
Continuing the success of the previous Joint Entrepreneurship Speaker Series Event,
MBA Alumni Association
co-hosted the third, entitled “HR & Recruitment
Entrepreneur”, with the HKUST Alumni Association in June. Well-known entrepreneurs
shared their success stories on starting their own consulting companies in the HR
and recruitment industry.
The champagne-tasting
session in July attracted a
group of “bubbly” lovers who
champagnes from alumnus
J.B. Deal, while connecting
with HKUST buddies.
MBAAA maintains a number of sports clubs. The September Biztral – Sports
Clubs United brought together representatives from dragon boat, hiking, football and
sailing clubs. Alumni reconnected with old comrades-in-arms as well as exploring
their new sport interests at this special occasion.
Event Roundup
The Homecoming Reunion for
Class of
was held on October 25 on campus
in celebration of the 10th anniversary of
their graduation. Hosted by President
Professor Tony Chan and Vice-President
for Institutional Advancement Dr Eden
Woon, the luncheon provided a great
opportunity for alumni to reconnect with
one another and learn about the latest
developments at their alma mater. The
climax of the event was the lucky draw,
featuring attractive prizes including hotel
buffet coupons and return air tickets to
Bali. The occasion was followed by a tour
of the newest student halls.
Since 2013, the
Biochemistry Alumni
has staged a series
of interviews featuring outstanding
biochemistry alumni and professors. The
most recent interviewee was Professor
Karl Herrup, Head
of Life Science, who
shared his vision
of HKUST and his
outlook on life.
New Board
The election meeting of the
Management and Technology Alumni
was staged in September, with
a new executive committee board being
appointed by members. The Annual General
Meeting followed in mid-October.
What a
A group of Mechanical
& Aerospace Engineering
(MAE) alumni and students
congregated on campus in
mid-November for sports
day, which included a series
of fiercely competed soccer
matches. The sports day was organized by the
Mechanical Engineering Graduates’
, and followed by the annual dinner, hosted by the MAE Department.
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