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HKUST Alumni News 2014
Event Roundup
More than 80 Mainland alumni based in Hong Kong spent a delightful afternoon
with Vice-President for Institutional Advancement Dr Eden Woon at the cocktail
reception organized by the
Mainland Alumni Association
, in collaboration
with the Development and Alumni Office. This occasion also marked the second
anniversary of the association.
Starting in 2014, the association has been bringing a series of entrepreneurship
forums to alumni who aspire to establish their own startups. Seasoned speakers,
including alumnus Frank Wang of DJI, shared their challenging startup stories and
entrepreneurial advice. In other news, the celebrity forum invited He-Lin Cheng to
talk about the history of the First Sino-Japanese War. Participants were inspired
by his valuable insights and the fruitful discussions that followed.
2014 marks the 10th graduation anniversary
of the
Part-time MBA Class of 2004
take 2002). In September, over 80 alumni
spent a delightful evening celebrating
this memorable milestone. The dinner
was marked by plenty of laughter as they
reconnected with each other and reminisced
about the good old days a decade ago.
HKUST Convocation
hosted a lunch
with students in late October on the theme
of “Planning the Year Ahead – Answers You
Want from Alumni”. The event saw a good
mix of students – local and non-local, UG
and PG – and featured fruitful exchanges
and experience-sharing by alumni.
Standing Committee Members met the
new Vice-President for Administration and
Business Mr Mark Hodgson at a dinner
meeting in early November to welcome
him to the HKUST community. Productive
discussions between the Convocation and
Mr Hodgson were initiated.
With members scattered across China, the
EMBA Alumni Association
has been organizing various programs to engage them. Alumni from
eastern, northern and southern China were brought together in a series
of conferences where they shared information on a variety of subjects,
including economics and management. A successful summit forum on
marketing was staged in Jiangsu by the East China branch.
As for sport, apart from its own HKUST EMBA Golf Club challenge
tournament, the association also took part in the China Merchants
Bank Team Tournament and the International Business School Golf
Competition, with very good results. Training activities organized by the
Sailing Club in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau also attracted many keen sailors.
The association is planning to establish a Clear Water Bay Club aimed at providing a platform to address issues of entrepreneur
tutorship, risk investment, equity financing, and mergers & acquisitions.
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