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HKUST Alumni News 2014
Class Notes
What’s Happening with You?
Let your former classmates know about the latest developments in your life – be it a wedding, baby, career
promotion, new business venture, or sporting or artistic achievement. Contact us by filling in the online form at
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Eddy Wu
2002 BSc(BICH)
2006 PhD(BICH)
I am excited to share
with you news of my
marriage to Yun-Yueh
Lu at The Helena May
Hong Kong in July.
We are currently in
Switzerland and
will move to Shanghai
in 2015!
King Kong
2008 BSc(BICH)
Sharon and I
got married on
October 18, 2014.
We were grateful
that many of my
classmates were
able to share
our precious
Prudence Chau
2009 BSc(BICH)
Ha Kwan Chai
2009 BSc(BICH)
It has been more than seven
years since we met at HKUST.
Our next chapter began on
November 2, 2013.
Chui Hiu Tung
2007 BBA(MGTO)
Alan Wong
2007 BSc(QFIN)
2012 MSc(IM)
We met at HKUST and so have plenty of fond
memories of our time on campus. Our new life
together started on February 16, 2014.
Sophia So
2011 BBA(OM)
Tiemo Liu
2011 BBA(IS)
We got to know
each other in 2009
on campus and
had an incredible
wedding in
September 2014.
Priscilla Cheng
2007 BBA(FINA)
Sky Ng
2006 BEng(COMP)
Our love story began at HKUST eight years ago.
We tied the knot on December 20, 2013 and our little
baby just arrived in September 2014!
Xenia Chan
2007 BSc(MAIE)
Tony Tsang
2007 BSc(CHEM)
We enjoyed
our marvelous
wedding on July
27, 2014!
Venus Ma
2009 BBA(MGTO)
Wilson Yan
2009 BBA(MGTO)
We began our new life together
on March 29, 2014 - so it
seems appropriate to show
how I swept Venus off her feet
when we first met on campus!
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