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HKUST Alumni News 2014
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Fresh enterprise
Caxton Li
1997 BBA(MARK)
I have specialized
in international anti-
money laundering
prosecution and
asset recovery, fraud
examination, computer
forensics, and
criminal investigation
in various fields for
many years, so I was
blessed to have the
valuable opportunity
to begin work as an
attaché with the World
Customs Organization
in Brussels, Belgium, in
September 2014.
Deng Binbin
2011 BSc(ECOF)
In 2013, Roland Xie, 2012 BBA(ACCT),
Erikson Yan, 2011 BSc(MAEC) and I
co-founded Euler Capital LLC, a boutique
global asset management and investment
services company, and a managing entity
in the US. This year, we have expanded
our investment business in Beijing by
setting up two more investment firms. We
look forward to sharing our passion and
entrepreneurial experience with you all!
Prerna Agarwal
2010 BBA(IS)
I have set up my
business Shloka Jewels,
where I am also its
jewelery designer.
I usually work on
engagement rings as well
as tailor-made pieces,
accessorizing local
celebrities for red-carpet
events. Recently I was
happy to be featured
as one of Hong Kong’s
leading bespoke jewelry
designers by
. It is marvelous to
see my designs being
worn by celebrities
and making a mark in
Hong Kong!
Corbett Rowell
1996 MPhil(ELEC)
I started my career as an engineer in the
antenna and wireless industry in Hong Kong,
and then worked as an R&D Director in
Beijing. This August, I ventured farther afield
and became a professor at Nazarbayev
University in Kazakhstan in Central Asia.
Rupert Woo
2005 BEng(CSIE)-MC
Music is an integral part of my life, so it was my great honor to compete with
more than 40 young conductors over the world and win the second prize,
the award for Outstanding Young Conductor in Hong Kong, and the Audience
Award at the Second International Conducting Competition for Chinese
Music. The competition was co-organized by the Hong Kong Chinese
Orchestra and the Xi’an Conservatory of Music in July.
Jaspar Cheng
2014 BEng(CPEG)
This is the selfie I took on the rooftop
while shooting a time-lapse video
for my alma mater. Right after
finishing my final year exam, I started
my own company, Jaspar Cheng
Production, which offers professional
photography and videography
services. While I was still a student,
I was always borrowing cameras
from the Creative Media Zone and
practicing at the Chevalier Learning
Commons. I am truly grateful for the
learning opportunities provided by
Karry Wong
2011 BSc(MATH)-PM
Upon graduation, I undertook a Master’s
program in Mathematics at Technische
Universität München, Germany. I then went
for exchange-out to Israel from 2012-13, and
now I am back in Israel undertaking research
for my graduate thesis at Einstein Institute
of Mathematics, The Hebrew University of
Jerusalem. I hope to meet more friends from
HKUST here!
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