Alumni News - December 2014 - page 22

A hologram introduces
selected buildings and
zones on campus.
A wide spectrum
of leaflets and
publications across
Schools, Departments
and Offices are
available for visitors’
easy access.
Opened in October, the brand new Mr & Mrs Ho Ting Sik Visitor Information Center comes
equipped with high-tech facilities that let visitors obtain a deeper understanding of HKUST and
its achievements, as well as to provide a valuable resource for members of the University. It
features advanced and user-friendly display technology, including large LCD multi-touch tables,
image walls and hologram. Here’s a pictorial guide to this new-look center!
4 sets of interactive
tables, each with 55”
LCD with multi-touch
functions, allow 20
people to access
information at the same
time at each table.
Videos and photos
dragged across the
table screen are
displayed on wall.
The Center celebrated its opening in October: (from left)
Vice-President for Administration and Business Mr Mark Hodgson,
President Professor Tony Chan, Mr and Mrs Ho Ting Sik and
Vice-President for Institutional Advancement Dr Eden Woon.
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