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KUST has reached another milestone!
The year 2016 is hugely significant for
the University, as it achieves its first
Alumni are at the heart of these worldwide
celebrations – so join in the fun and play your part
in our silver anniversary program! The events are
wide-ranging, taking place both in Hong Kong and
HKUST Alumni News 2015
25 Years of Achievement
Running for Charity
Putting their best feet forward at the Standard Chartered
Hong Kong Marathon on January 17 will be 900 alumni, students and staff
members of the HKUST Marathon Team. The runners are encouraged to
donate through the event’s charity program and contribute to the community!
Milestone Gala
The glamorous Gala Banquet
will bring the HKUST community together on
June 19, 2016 at the Hong Kong Convention and
Exhibition Centre. Many who have shaped, or
have been shaped by the University, will be
present – do witness this important milestone!
The 25th anniversary is being marked with a wide and varied program of events –
here’s how and where you can get involved.
Join the
As well as the above, there are many more programs ahead, including the Young Entrepreneurs Series
and exhibitions at the Library that welcome alumni to join in. Be a part of the 25
anniversary celebrations for
Be Part of the Mosaic!
Submit your pictures to be a part of HKUST’s mosaic
to be launched in early 2016. It will be a reflection of everyone’s cohesive and
concerted efforts in making the University successful. And you’ll be able to
find your spot online, anytime and anywhere.
Global Celebrations
Following the huge success of the alumni dinner in
London, the celebrations continue in San Francisco and Beijing in February and
September 2016 respectively and in Singapore in January 2017. If you have
the opportunity to join one of these get-togethers, it’s a wonderful way to keep
in touch with your alma mater, to make new friends within the fast-expanding
alumni network and to learn from professors at the seminar staged prior to each
dinner. For those of you in the Bay Area,
registration for the San Francisco event on
February 13 is now open – we look forward
to welcoming you to this special occasion!
Engage with Successful Entrepreneurs!
of the University’s key goals is to develop an
entrepreneurial culture both on and off campus. The
Alumni Entrepreneur Panel Series is a “must attend”
event – so if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, join us
to pick the brains of seasoned alumni entrepreneurs
and learn from their valuable experiences!
Invaluable Insights
Don’t miss this amazing chance to hear directly
from Nobel laureates, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and experts
from around the globe as they share their insights in the Distinguished
Lecture Series with HKUST members and the community.
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