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HKUST Alumni News 2015
Giving Back
Show Your Belief
a Birthday Gift!
t is an ambitious goal – but with the incentive of HKUST’s 25th
anniversary, it can surely be reached with the alumni community
pulling together! The aim is to raise the Alumni Endowment Fund to
HK$25 million by 2017, from its current standing of HK$19 million,
thanks to donations from alumni.
An added boost comes from the pledge given by Prof Roger King,
1996 PhD(FINA) and the most senior PhD
graduate, to match donations from fellow
alumni up to HK$2.5 million. A successful
entrepreneur and renowned “corporate
doctor”, Roger is also Adjunct Professor
of Finance and Director of two research
centers of the Business School.
HKUST is blessed to benefit from
the dedication of alumni in giving back
to their alma mater. As the University
reaches the important milestone of its
first quarter-century, your continuous
support is needed to ensure that all
students can enjoy a holistic and fruitful
university life.
So show your belief in HKUST and join Roger in presenting a
birthday gift to the AEF!
The Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) is aiming high with an ambitious target for 2017 – and with
your help and the generous pledge from the University’s most senior PhD graduate, we believe
it can be achieved!
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Roger King
Donate Now!
Two new categories are now recognized as AEF beneficiaries,
as the scheme expands to incorporate more awards.
Corporate social responsibility and student-led initiatives are
the two new sponsored items for 2015-16, designed to encourage
students to take a more active role in taking care of the community
and developing their leadership skills. The CSR initiative awards
internships as civic fellows.
A total of around HK$700,000 in interest is available for students
in support of different initiatives this year.
The two new categories join water sports activities; exchange
scholarships and bursaries; sports scholarships for new
undergraduate students; and overseas sports competition or
Students serving as civic fellows at NGOs.
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