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HKUST Alumni News 2015
London Kicks Off
The first of a series of global celebrations for
the University’s 25th anniversary, the
reunion saw an overwhelming response with special guests
including Ambassador Liu Xiaoming, Ambassador to the United
Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Ms Priscilla
To, Director-General of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office,
London, as well as alumni, students and academic partners in the
region taking part. Greeted by President Prof Tony Chan, Dr Eden
Woon, Vice-President for Institutional Advancement and Prof Nancy
Ip, Dean of Science, participants then attended a seminar entitled
“Science – Vision into the Future”, presented by science professors,
which was followed by the cocktail reception and celebration
dinner. Big thanks go to DJI for its support and sponsorship of the
celebrations. The next anniversary event will take place in
San Francisco on February 13, 2016. Stay tuned!
Global Horizons
Pre-semester reunions
are a tradition for the
Atlanta Chapter
as many alumni and
exchange-out students
are pursuing further
studies either at Georgia
Institute of Technology
or Emory University. To add variety to their
activities, they organized a spring hike to
Sweetwater Creek State Park and also a
career sharing presented by
Jeffrey Pope, a successful
industrial leader and currently
the senior director of a NGO.
Prof Chan and Dr Woon took the opportunity
to meet alumni at a drinks reception in
during their trip in October. They
spent an enjoyable evening with
alumni, who were delighted
to be kept abreast of the
astonishing developments
at their alma mater.
First for
Bay Area
In late July, the
North California
organized the
first event following its
inauguration in February
2015. Alumni from the Bay
Area gathered
for dinner at
a German
restaurant in
San Jose for an
evening of great
food and music
– and declared
it to be a fruitful
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