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HKUST Alumni News 2015
Shenzhen Chapter
ranked number
one by raising a total of RMB$360,000
as members joined the “Walk for Love”,
organized by One Foundation. This year
was the Chapter’s third participation in this
charity campaign. Despite
the tough route, all 34 teams
conquered the huge challenge
and completed the race.
Members of the
Beijing Chapter
were delighted to
greet a cohort of students who took part in the SOAR
Mainland Internship Program, as coordinated by the
Student Affairs Office, in June. During the dinner gathering,
alumni from different professions had a cozy sharing with
the students on their career development. On September
19, alumni came together again at a coffee house and
welcomed many new members. All had a wonderful time
connecting with each other.
With over 20 different nationalities from a broad spectrum of
degree programs, members of the
Singapore Chapter
been keen supporters of its fabulous activities. Apart from the monthly happy
hour, which has been held since June, and the BBQ gathering, the
joint-university Mid-Autumn Festival dinner was the highlight of the
year, bringing together more than 120 peers from other universities
in Hong Kong. Join them on their Facebook page to stay connected!
It was a joyous occasion as Prof Chan and Dr
Woon joined alumni and students at a cocktail
reception in Shanghai in early November.
Everyone appreciated this rare opportunity
to expand their network in this bustling city.
Monthly activities including yum cha, a sports
day and music group sharing were among
the most popular programs of the
, along with the distinguished alumni
lecture series. They also extended their
warmest welcome to student
interns from the SOAR Mainland
Internship Program at a dinner
gathering in July.
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