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HKUST Alumni News 2015
ore and more HKUST alumni are building startups in a huge range
of fields – and many of them are already achieving great success
and becoming excellent role models. As the University enters its 25
one of the key goals is to take these achievements and use them to build
a stronger entrepreneurial culture within the University community, both on
and off campus. The HKUST Alumni Entrepreneur Panel Series was launched on October
8, 2015. With Professor Po Chi Wu from the School of Engineering as moderator, three
alumni entrepreneurs, namely Alvin Lam of PacificLink Group, Ken Law of MotherApp and
Terry Tsang of Madhead, all of whom have attained outstanding achievements in different
industries, shared their valuable insights with students and alumni on campus. The next panel
on crowdfunding will be held in early 2016. Stay tuned!
Entrepreneurship Corner is one of the key sections of the alumni website, and showcases
some of the success stories of HKUST entrepreneurs. Visit now to find out more about the
challenges these entrepreneurs have faced and overcome.
Here are other initiatives at HKUST that share a common objective to boost the
entrepreneurial spirit:
Entrepreneur Circle Team of HKUST Alumni Association
The Circle brings together enthusiastic and versatile entrepreneurs with rich experience.
Networking events are held from time to time. The soon-to-be-launched A1 Startup Award will be
another highlight recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of alumni.
HKUST Entrepreneurship Center
The Center provides a wealth of resources to nurture and support alumni, students,
faculty and staff entrepreneurs in building up their own businesses. The HKUST
Entrepreneurship Program provides technology-based startups with minimal-cost
working space, office services, guidance from an Advisory Committee and more.
Student-led Project
Funded by the HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, Cafeology (1/F near lifts 29 & 30) is a newly
opened café on campus operated by students. They gain invaluable experience that prepares
them for running their own businesses someday.
Check out the Entrepreneurship Corner on the alumni
website for more stories from successful startups.
HKUST is striving to nurture this entrepreneurial culture through a number of initiatives,
such as the HKUST Alumni Entrepreneur Panel Series and the Entrepreneurship Corner.
Nurturing Entrepreneurs
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