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HKUST Alumni News 2015
Event Roundup
Successfully Completed
The first half of 2015 was particularly fabulous for the
EMBA Alumni Association
. A total
of 28 EMBA alumni hikers took up the huge challenge in competing with 30 schools and
more than 2,500 individual competitors at the Gobi Challenge from May 22-25. It took them
12 hours, 51 minutes to complete the 88km journey and secure 19th place. In recognition
of their excellent spirit, the team was honored with the Shackleton Award. Following the
success of the inaugural tournament between golfers from northern and southern China in
Shenzhen in 2014, they again competed fiercely in Beijing and Shenzhen this year. Visits to
enterprises of EMBA alumni were also organized from time to time.
Leading by
A total of 60 alumni and guests of the
Alumni Association
had an enjoyable
evening with Tony Tsoi
at the
Trailwalker and Leadership – HKUST
MBAAA CEO Sharing in late October.
Mr Tsoi shared many of his inspiring
thoughts about Trailwalker, leadership
and life planning; for example: “Your team
cannot proceed faster than your slowest
teammate”; and “Life is long. If you improve
yourself day by day, you will accumulate
a great achievement”. The response was
Paddlers of the
Alumni Dragon Boat Club
participated in their
fourth overseas race with flying colors – they finished first runner-
up at the international invitation competition of the 2015 Kaohsiung
Love River Dragon Boat Race in June! Over 50 teams with more
than 200 paddlers took part in this annual Tuen Ng Festival gala,
which attracted extensive media coverage. It was a joyous occasion
in particular as paddlers dressed up and joined the costume and
make-up competition.
Volleyball Alumni
is continuing to take
part in indoor and beach
volleyball fun games. They
had a wonderful time recently
at the beach volleyball game
at Discovery Bay even though the sun was blazing hot!
Tough Challenge
A signature intra-university dance collaboration, the Joint-U Mass
Dance 2015 – HKUST Station in November featured the
Alumni Society
and Dance Society, as well as dance teams from
other universities. Members got together and practiced amid their
tight schedule. The audience was amazed by their marvelous
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